this is fucking crazy omfg

Everything is aight except the blackface shit

Urgh okay, blackface is NOT acceptable in many situations but come on. This woman is a makeup artist. She puts on makeup to look like different people, that is the point. She can look like all sorts of people she is not but GOD FORBID she put on slightly darker makeup to look like someone who happens to be black (or any other minority race), because all the races must be kept separate? Isn’t the point of equality, to forget that “race” is something that separates us as human beings?



Just in case


i think im in like like with you

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2014 mtv movie awards


Ukraine has launched an “anti-terror” military operation that is currently under way as of Tuesday (4/15) in an effort to reclaim control of several Eastern Ukraine cities and towns that have been seized by pro-Russia separatists. Interim Ukrainian president Turchynov aims to “stop attempts to tear Ukraine to pieces.” Putin warns that Ukraine is on the brink of civil war, while Western governments urge Russia to stop using their influence to destabilize the region. Source